The project

Goals, motivation and challenges for the project PlayFM

In the last 15 years with Facility Management (FM) is originated a branch of the economy, which not only has created new job opportunities but rather substantially contribute that enterprises and the public authorities can performing efficiently and undisturbed. FM is still a young and extremely widespread field of expertise, which comprises technical, business administration and service tasks around the lifecycle of properties. So it has a national economically pertinence with a lot of positive rudiments for the development of the economic and service place Germany.

Sustainability, resource-conserving, environment protection or the aging society are further issues in future which are parts of FM. The potential of this branch is still insufficiently realized as well exhausted. Some reasons are:

  • high complexity and interdisciplinarity
  • missing comprehension and Know-how, also in management
  • Insufficiently standardization.

Out of this results an enormously accumulated demand in the field of education and training, which are still only part of classical courses. These rudiments are being absent in postgraduate training near-completely. The project PlayFM sets directly on that point.

With the project PlayFM the commitment of Game Based Learning (GBL) is established in FM- field.
As a result of much complexity in this field of expertise a combination of technical, economical and service- Know-how is compulsory which is normally scarce. For this reason the project is really familiar with it partners from apprenticeship, science & research, the branch of consultancy and the operative FM business.

For this purpose simulation based Serious Games learning styles specialized for the field of FM will be deployed. The high aspiration on visual support (reality- based, sophistical representation, real-time capability) of the educational game will be implemented by the employment of state-of-the-art technologies (game engines, modeling tools, CAVEs). Finally as proof for effectiveness of the concept the question in which extent Game Based Learning is contributing the knowledge acquisition in the field of FM will be solved.

The successful implementation of the educational game is the overall goal. This educational game will be evolved by the combination of professional knowledge from the branch of Facility Management and the development of Computer based educational games (Game Based Learning, Serious Games). Initially knowledge about Facility Management can be imparted through fun and games at diverse target groups.

Test the prototype

  1. Install Unity Webplayer Plugin (if you dont have it)
  2. Wait until the prototype is loaded (approx. 250MB)
  3. Click in the window
  4. hit “F” for fullscreen mode
  5. playFM 😀
  6. Send FeedbackeMailto us.

Have fun!


  • P – Pause
  • F – Fullscreen toggle mode
  • Player steering by Point and Click
  • Orbit and zoom the camera “arrow keys”
  • Right click on highlighted object for context menu

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