Partner meeting December 2010

On 1.12.2011 a meeting with our project partners took place. BSR was pleasant to receive us in their rooms. We have presented the state of the project regarding game design and programming. In the following discussion the course of the game was finally adjusted. We said good bye to the concept of mini games and set the focus on PlayFM GameCore. Now knowledge transfer is going to happen directly during the game. Additional we create a knowledge base in the form of a WIKI and fill it with key information to FM core businesses. Core processes (planned) cleaning management energy management space management key management failure management sustainability management system architecture The following graphic provides information about the planned system architecture. The structure of the architecture is subdivided in the actual program of the game, which is installed on a client. The PlayFM game server contains on one hand the data base with game scores and configuration data. On the other hand there is the web server which provides the web based configuration surface and a high score table. The … read more

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PlayFM – Concept Art context menu

Subsequently we present you the context menu. The graphic concept is originated in relation to our publications. Translation Daten erfassen – collect data Kontakt erfassen – gather contact data Aktion auslösen – start action Auftrag erteilen – award a contract Objekt verwenden: use object Objekt: Status abfragen – object: gather status Mitarbeiter: Performance anzeigen – employee: show performance Unterhaltung führen – talk to..

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PlayFM – Concept-Art Userinterface

During the game-design process we redisigned the userinterface concept.  

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