PlayFM: Just a game?

Our article „PlayFM: Just a game?“ was published as front-page story in the specialist journal “Der Facility Manager” in the edition January/ February 2011 magazine 1/2 volume 18. We thank the editorial team for the support.

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PlayFM on the workshop 3D-NordOst 2010 of the GFal

On 10.12.2010 “3D-NordOst” the 14th applied workshop for acquisition, modeling, processing and evaluation of 3D data took in the rooms of GFal place. The PlayFM team has presented a presentation about “3D modeling for the design of Serious Games in Facility Management”. Our project found a big echo in the 3D society. Our contribution was published in the proceedings book (ISBN 978-3-942709-00-2).

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European Conference on E-Learning 2010

Frank is back from the ECEL 2010. The European Conference on E-Learning (04.11. – 06.11.2010 in Porto) is an annual event with a comprehensive program in the field of E-Learning. This year the host was the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP). Frank has introduced the project playFM and answered critical questions of scientists, teachers and students. Some innovative ideas from the scientific world of Serious Games will enter in playFM. Altogether the ECEL 2010 was a well succeeded conference. Much innovative approaches were introduced in the field of E-Learning. In addition we have also published an article in the proceedings.   Poster

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PlayFM – conference Spielend Lernen 2010

On Wednesday and Thursday the 13th and 14th we have visited the Serious Games exhibition ”Spielend Lernen” in Rostock on Fraunhofer-Institut for graphical data processing and we’ve became acquainted with scientific representatives of Germans young Serious Games branch. Once more we met also colleagues from university cologne from the Gamescom in August so we inter-exchanged about Game Based Learning, target groups and didactical switching technology. The presentations on „Spielend Lernen“ depicted the whole spectrum of different application forms, target groups and design styles from actual learning games. The interest of the exhibition visitors for the solution approaches from the lecturer led to worthwhile discussions past of the respective presentation. Despite a small amount of participants the subject Serious Games was comment from all aspects. Genre discussions, questions about mobility of Learning Games or the clarification of game conceptions were presented well content wise under much more issues in listed below contributions. The event provided us a very well overview about current levels diverse research projects and enabling it to file our own project in the frame of established Learning Games. … read more

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