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HTW-Researchaward 2011 to Prof. May

Aus Anlass der Immatrikulationsfeierlichkeiten mit Vertretern aus Politik und Wirtschaft und natürlich den Erstsemestern wurde der diesjährige Forschungspreis der HTW Berlin am 4. Oktober 2011 an Prof. Dr. Michael May verliehen. Damit wurde sein überaus erfolgreiches Engagement im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung an der HTW seit 1994 gewürdigt. Neben zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Forschungsprojekten in den Bereichen Facility Management, Informationstechnik, Wissensmanagement, Layout Design Automation, Serious Games und Nachhaltigkeit hob die Jury die sehr rege Publikationstätigkeit sowie seine internationalen Forschungskooperationen und … read more

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PlayFM supports the HTW CAVE within the context of the long night of sciences

For the long night of sciences on the 28.05.2011 the department 4 of HTW has presented its own CAVE. This was build under the charge of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Jung. The system consists of 3 retrojection walls, 8 computers and projectors. The stereo image will be projected on 3 sides plus the ground. stereo projection Headtracking with Kinect™ Unity­3D™ integration For this purpose Frank (PlayFM team) enhanced the Room of Shadow demo of Unity 3D. Most of the materials were … read more

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When all is done, PlayFM

Once in a while we have time for a round of table tennis on the PlayFM plate. The university sport of HTW Berlin was so kindly to provide the table tennis plate. Thanks a lot to the HTW Berlin.

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PlayFM: Just a game?

Our article „PlayFM: Just a game?“ was published as front-page story in the specialist journal “Der Facility Manager” in the edition January/ February 2011 magazine 1/2 volume 18. We thank the editorial team for the support.

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FM-Colloquium at the HTW Berlin

On Tuesday 11.01.2011 the IT / FM colloquium of HTW-Berlin took place. It was organised as an open colloquium for all students and interested parties. Primarily prospective computer scientists and facility managers as well as all who are interested in the future occupation of the FM branch were addressed. The colloquium has shown modern challenges, applications and research results of the collaboration of IT and FM referring to HTW. scheduled of topics Welcome introduction, aims of the colloquium – Prof. … read more

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PlayFM on the workshop 3D-NordOst 2010 of the GFal

On 10.12.2010 “3D-NordOst” the 14th applied workshop for acquisition, modeling, processing and evaluation of 3D data took in the rooms of GFal place. The PlayFM team has presented a presentation about “3D modeling for the design of Serious Games in Facility Management”. Our project found a big echo in the 3D society. Our contribution was published in the proceedings book (ISBN 978-3-942709-00-2).

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Unity3D combination of Steering Behaviour and A*Pathfinding

To make it possible to fill our virtual office with virtual people they have to be capable of going from A to B. Likewise they should dodge themselves. The following prototype demonstrates this behaviour. In each case every NonPlayerCharacter (NPCs) shall collect a particular box. When the box was found it continues with a new  box. Once a box is a target of a NPC it will get a discoloration. F1 – activate main menu (options, credits, …) F2 – … read more

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Partner meeting December 2010

On 1.12.2011 a meeting with our project partners took place. BSR was pleasant to receive us in their rooms. We have presented the state of the project regarding game design and programming. In the following discussion the course of the game was finally adjusted. We said good bye to the concept of mini games and set the focus on PlayFM GameCore. Now knowledge transfer is going to happen directly during the game. Additional we create a knowledge base in the … read more

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European Conference on E-Learning 2010

Frank is back from the ECEL 2010. The European Conference on E-Learning (04.11. – 06.11.2010 in Porto) is an annual event with a comprehensive program in the field of E-Learning. This year the host was the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP). Frank has introduced the project playFM and answered critical questions of scientists, teachers and students. Some innovative ideas from the scientific world of Serious Games will enter in playFM. Altogether the ECEL 2010 was a well succeeded … read more

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