Unity3D combination of Steering Behaviour and A*Pathfinding

To make it possible to fill our virtual office with virtual people they have to be capable of going from A to B. Likewise they should dodge themselves. The following prototype demonstrates this behaviour. In each case every NonPlayerCharacter (NPCs) shall collect a particular box. When the box was found it continues with a new  box. Once a box is a target of a NPC it will get a discoloration.

  • F1 – activate main menu (options, credits, …)
  • F2 – shift among “Fullscreen” and “Windowed Mode”
  • “new Boxes” – create boxes
  • “new NPCs” – create NPCs
  • “collect them!” – demand the NPCs to collect all boxes in turn
  • “NPC Collision” – start/stops the collision of NPCs

This post is also available in German

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